Giant airplanes, boats, castles, rocket ships, hot air balloons... The construction possibilities are endless with Tubes & Knots. Simple, snap-together pieces are easy to manipulate, helping little hands build dexterity and fine motor skills. The included project ideas range from easy to challenging; a handy measuring guide helps kids cut tubes to the appropriate lengths for complex projects. What could be more fun than creating a structure friends can actually sit in?

"As a young child explores the world around her, she slowly recognizes the differences in the form and location of objects. This is the basis for geometry and other key math and science principles. Through touch and manipulation, educational building games will help your young learner discover the basic elements of shapes, size, position, movement and direction. A fun building game will lead your child to explore, experiment and ask questions" !!!

- Dr Ekta Bhatia (PT)

Available for sale at Lil' Munchkins center.

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