Portfolio for kids

Portfolio for Kids

Capture and cherish your memories forever

Real smiles, Real emotions. Real laughter. Real life. At every family portrait session we photograph, we strive to capture more than just how you look. Our goal is to tell a story...the story of your family. A wonderful opportunity for every new parent and baby to spend a pampering day together, whilst others do all the work! Who you are today, right now, in this moment. Silly three year olds are allowed (and encouraged) to be silly. Moody teenagers are never asked to say cheese. Our kids photo shoot is great fun and will leave them with a great keepsake.

Celebrate your birthday party at Lil’ Munchkins

Birthday Party

Nothing captures the magic of childhood better than a birthday party. This year, give your child a celebration they’ll never forget. Celebrate your child’s special day with captivating, age-appropriate games and fun activities, rides, songs. Your family and guests will enjoy exclusive use of our entire facility. Just pick a date, and we’ll help with everything from invitations and food to the cake and personalized video. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a blast - parents and children alike!


Schedule a party with us and your group of upto 20 kids will enjoy upto 3hrs of kids gym play.

Self Defense

Stranger danger and self defence techniques are an integral part of our program. Improves strength, speed, agility, flexibility as it requires focus, attention, dedication and concentration our kids constantly improve academically. Self Defense is like nothing you've seen before! Children learn basic blocks, punches and kicks in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere. Obstacle courses, high-energy music, skill-based activities and games help create learning opportunities that meet your child's number one desire – to have FUN!

It helps to improve coordination, balance and fitness for the body, as well as concentration, self discipline, and confidence for the mind! Lil' Munchkins is the perfect place for parents seeking a fun, relaxed environment for their child's introduction to Self Defense.

Shop till you drop

Shop till you drop lets you relax and enjoy some shopping time while your children get some quality “kid time” in a safe, fun, familiar place. Our team of instructors guides them through physical activities, music and fun with their gym friends.


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