What if my child is reluctant to join in at first?

Children have different learning styles and respond individually to a Lil Munchkins gym class. Most kids rush to play with our equipments, others consider each move carefully and spend a lot of time watching. Sometimes they try out activities at home, before venturing to try them at Lil Munchkins.

Most kids settle instantly in our cozy,child friendly atmosphere while some take number of sessions before they get very actively involved. At Lil Munchkins we encourage each child to join in at their own pace, and to participate in the activities of their choice. They gradually gain the confidence to try most things.

Does my child have to do all suggested activities?

Lil Munchkins provides a wide range of activities to challenge children in different ways. When children are ready for a new skill they will learn quickly and easily. When a child is not ready for a particular challenge our instructors are happy to suggest alternatives.

How can I assist my child to get the most out of Lil Munchkins?

Children love encouragement and reinforcement of what they do. Non-verbal reinforcement works well.... "Oooooh!" "Yahoo!",high five and nothing replaces a hug. Describing what children do helps by giving them understanding and control. "You walked the full length of the beam looking straight ahead!" "You landed on two feet!" "You watched the ball!'

For how long can my child benefit from Lil Munchkins?

Families who participate in Lil Munchkins for several years achieve the most long lasting results. Some benefits reported to us are CONFIDENCE, PHYSICAL SKILLS and SOCIALIZATION. These benefits transfer to may other areas of our children's lives. They form a strong foundation for early learning. Lil Munchkins provides a weekly,bi-weekly,tri-weekly opportunity for your pre-schooler to explore their physical potential in a safe, positive and stimulating all-weather environment.

Learning a new skill involves patience, repetition and commitment. Just as an increasing number of adults realize the benefits of regular exercise and join adult gyms, so increasing number of parents are giving this opportunity to their children by joining Jumping Beans for their pre-school years.

Children learn more in their first five years than they will for the rest of their livess.

Does Lil Munchkins offer trial classes before enrolling in a class?

Currently, we do offer parents the option of trying our classes before enrolling.