Blooming Buds

Age 10 months – 18 months

This 45 min session is a mommy & me class for our freshly bloomed buds focuses on various baby orientation exercises , hand eye-coordination, baby safe rides, balance and agility skills, rhythmic movements and kinesthetic skills. These exercises stimulate hand, arm and trunk control. Though our program is geared for babies, it’s almost as much fun for the parents. ( Mommy & me ). 

Courageous Cubs

Age 18months – 2 ½ years

This 45 min session is a mommy & me class for our growing curious and courageous lot. It focuses on locomotive skills, hand eye coordination, kinesthetic skills,body strength, balancing, tumbling, hanging and agility skills. Child’s level of independent mobility will typically progress from aggressive crawling to running. Parental involvement is gradually decreased. ( Mommy & me )

Tumbling Toddlers

Age 2 ½ years – 4years

This 45 min session focuses on structured games, adventures, cooperative group activities and pre-gymnastics, our lil’ munchkins gain fine and gross motor proficiency, and strengthen manipulative skills. Activities are carried out with love and understanding, and the children exude pride and self-esteem as they are treated like “big kids”. Maintaining a positive, supportive and noncompetitive atmosphere our lil’ munchkins are showered with praise as they develop perseverance and self-control.

Super Sprouts

Age 4years – 6years

This hour session is focused on providing a transforming experience to children, centered around fun, creativity and physical fitness. Kids are introduced to various tumbling skills such as front and back rolls, bridges, handstands. Strength, flexibility, and agility are increased, as our instructors introduce gymnastic skills with the safest spotting techniques and communication through language geared to build self-esteem and confidence. Relays, more complex games, and beginning sports skills lead to increased strength, enhanced manipulative ability, and improved hand-eye coordination.

Cartwheel kids

Age 6years – 8years

This hour program the children learn to work hard and aim towards a goal. This is the first age group at Lil’ Munchkins where perfecting form and posture with correct biomechanics become priorities.

Lil’ Champs

Age 8years – 10years

This hour session instills health and fitness as a way of life combining cardio with strength and flexibility exercises for children who are now at the age when they are surrounded by the sedentary distractions of TV, the Internet and video games. Endurance and gross motor skills are increased through a series of exciting and dynamic activities. As we focus on specific muscle groups, utilize a 4-station circuit-training course, and add fun nutritional tips. This is the age group where maximum child obesity has been observed, exercise for kids have been designed by professionals inorder to make kids fit.


Special Needs Children

Lil’ Munchkins teaches basic gymnastics to children ages walking to fifteen with high functioning disabilities such as: (autism, aspergers syndrome, ADD/ADHD, down syndrome and hearing impairements). Most children enjoy playing actively, and exercising in a group can be especially enjoyable for kids with developmental delays or other special needs. The social nature of gym classes helps kids to form bonds with other children, yet the exercises themselves are individual so kids are less likely to feel the need to impress their peers than they may in team sports. Studies have shown the benefits of gym for some autistic children, allowing them to get necessary activity and exercise while maintaining a sense of control over excessive stimulation. Autistic kids have difficulty when they are exposed to too much stimuli, but the solo nature of many gym events allows the kids to keep their environmental stimuli to a manageable level. With sensitive coaching and parental support, kids with autism and other special needs can gain confidence while getting fit and having fun. The program is designed to apply gross and fine motor skills as well as developing strength, coordination and body awareness through the use of equipment and a fun structured and safe environment. Not only will the child benefit from the classes, but parents will gain a support team through other parents, teachers and administrators. In each class we will encourage a positive outlook and building of support groups for families, who historically have been isolated due to the daily be haviors of these children. There is a great need in support of programs for these children who seem to fall through the cracks between typical children and the severely disabled.

The five pillars of Lil’ Munchkins are strength, balance, movement, stability and flexibility. Our aim is to have healthy kids, healthy families, healthy communities.

The thrill of accomplishment from achieving a physical task builds self-esteem and confidence that carry over into all aspects of a child’s life. Interaction with our highly trained staff provides children the opportunity to establish warm relationships with compassionate adults, thus raising their level of comfort as they begin preschool/kindergarten. Our Lil' Munchkins Kids learn more about themselves as they develop independence, self-discipline, social skills and even a sense of humor, all of which lead to an increased feeling of self-worth. A child who feels good about him/herself has a jumpstart on the path to success.


Kids at Lil' Munchkins

Learn to be stronger in body (motor skills, strength and coordination), mind (creativity, cognitive development and problem solving) and spirit (social development and confidence)