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What is a Kids Gym?

What is a kid’s gym? Gym for kids is our child fitness program which encourages large motor skill development and creative movement. The kid’s gym program helps to increase motor and balance skills, build confidence, develop body awareness and space orientation. All the activities are carried out in a group encouraging social interaction while the children develop & play together. It includes large tumbling mats, slides, stairs, ropes and much more! There is plenty of room to jump, run, roll, crawl in a safe fun environment. It’s a fun place for kids.


For every stage of your child’s life – from 10 months to age 10 – there’s a program filled with movement, music, learning, cooperation and fun. Each age-appropriate curriculum builds upon the next. Children progress at their own pace, developing their confidence as they develop their skills.

Browse through our programs to find the one that’s just right for your child. It's the perfect way t o see how Lil' Munchkins can positively affect the lives of both you and your child. 

Seven reasons why and how children benefit from a kids gym

1. Increases muscle strength and promotes healthy bones

2. Enhances flexibility

3. Improves cognition

4. Reduces risky behaviors and faulty posture or poor biomechanics

5. Develops good neural growth

6. Fosters confidence encouraging better social skills

7. And, its fun !


The five pillars of Lil’ Munchkins are strength, balance, movement, stability and flexibility. Our aim is to have healthy kids, healthy families, healthy communities.

Kids at Lil' Munchkins

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Learn to be stronger in body (motor skills, strength and coordination), mind (creativity, cognitive development and problem solving) and spirit (social development and confidence).


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